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As part of Blandin Foundation's mission to strengthen communities in rural Minnesota, especially the Grand Rapids area, our leadership programs aim to develop and sustain healthy community by building on community strengths. 

For over 25 years we have been engaged with partners across the state in working with rural communities and leaders from all sectors to not only carry out training, but evolve our programs to reflect current rural developments and feedback from our participants.

With what started as a single offering with the Blandin Community Leadership Program (BCLP), our stable of programs grew to offer leadership training to reservation communities (Blandin Reservation Community Leadership Program - BRCLP) as well as communities looking to address economic issues (Academy for Community Engagement - ACE), poverty (Leaders Partnering to End Poverty - LPEP) and ethnic diversity (Leadership in Ethnically Diverse Communities - LEDC) in rural Minnesota. 

Blandin Leadership programs focus on developing and enhancing the skills, knowledge and relationships rural leaders need to build and sustain healthy communities. This inclusive approach is developed by team of people with backgrounds in sociology, psychology, communication, adult and leadership education, government, and community and business development. The curriculum, and its training, is always evolving to reflect current rural developments. 

With over 6,500 BCLP alumni, almost 500 BRCLP alumni and countless community leaders who have been a part of our three most recent programs - we send our thanks to those who have partnered with us, and will continue to be a part of our programs. Community leadership isn't rocket science, it is much harder than that, and we thank you for your hope and selfless service to your community ...because leadership matters. 

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