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Blandin Foundation conducts leadership training only in communities (or groups of communities) that invite us in – it all starts with you and your community. While some of our programs require time and travel, we also have programs that address specific topics right in your home community. 

We thank all the communities and leaders we have had the pleasure of parnering with and look forward to the invitation into your community!


Blandin Community Leadership Program (BCLP

Complete an individual application for training already scheduled in your community

Look for your community's name on our Events page. Links to application forms are posted on your community page.


Alert us that your community is interested in training

  • Step 1: Community application

          Submit this inquiry form to let us know your commuity is interested in training.

          After our staff has followed up on your inquiry, a group of community members – from          
          businesses, government, religious and educational instutitions, etc. – completes a community

  • Step 2:  Community readiness discussion

Foundation staff meets with community leaders, in your community, to discuss two key questions, Why is this a good time for your community to participate in BCLP and What are two or three issues facing your community and how do you see BCLP training affecting those issues?

  • Step 3: Selection and Steering Committee

Foundation staff selects communities to participate in the eight-day program – a five-day intensive residential retreat and two follow-up workshops – based on your community’s expressed desire and readiness. We help form a local Steering Committee and select 24 emerging and established leaders who collectively reflect this profile:

  • Actively involved in community life
  • Credible and open-minded
  • Open to risk-taking
  • Passionate about their community's future
  • Willing to work collaboratively to promote healthy community


Blandin Reservation Community Leadership Programs (BRCLP

We are active in our recruitment throughtout the state of Minnesota for our BRCLP program and we typically bring together leaders from several reservation communities for this residential program. At the moment we work with our partners in reservation communities to keep community members informed on when training is available. 


Academy for Community Engagement (ACE)
Leaders Partnering to End Poverty (LPEP)
Leadership in Ethnically Diverse Communities (LEDC). 

Each of these programs address a specific community issue and once we receive an invitation we work with leaders in your community to plan the training sessions. While ACE involves a two day residential training, LPEP and LEDC take our trainers and support staff into your community. For more information on the details of these programs feel free to visit the program sites. 

Questions, comments or concerns? Contact Becky Adams.


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