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Story (re)tellers: Reservation leaders take a fresh look at self, community to boost resiliency

On a recent afternoon, about 65 people from reservation communities in northeast Minnesota came together to celebrate the commencement of the 25th cohort to complete the Blandin Reservation Community Leadership Program. In recognition of this milestone number, a drum was invited to join the celebration and honor the graduates. BRCLP is more than just a […]



Blandin leadership alum applies learning to community challenge

It’s great to see the ways alumni of our Blandin Community Leadership programs utilize their learned to tackle community opportunities and challenges. In a recent column, Dana Melius, a 1998 BCLP graduate from Sibley County, used a key principle from training to understand and talk about an issue in his community. “I’m not taking sides […]



Redwood area, Lower Sioux: Building cultural bridges to strengthen a divided community

“For generations in the Redwood area, two very distinct world views have existed in the people who call it home.” — Troy Krause, Redwood Falls Gazette Last month, residents of the Lower Sioux and Redwood area communities came together to talk, listen and plan for a brighter future — one where collaboration and mutual respect […]



Blending economic classes in rural Minnesota boosts youth upward mobility

We often say if you’ve been to one small town, you’ve been to one small town. Each rural community is unique, with its own gems, challenges and culture. If you’ve ever lived in a small town, though, you most likely have heard a sentence like, “Oh, I know her. She’s my niece’s third grade teacher turned […]



Rural Minnesota’s bright spots tell a story of revitalization, not ruin

Rural Pulse 2016 uncovered a number of issues rural Minnesotans considered critical to the vibrancy of their community. But economy, educational opportunities and healthcare aren’t the biggest issues facing rural Minnesota, said Kelly Asche, program coordinator of the Center for Small Towns. “These problems are symptoms of an underlying ailment: ‘the negative, mistaken narrative that […]

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